Research Fellow/Engineer (Drone aerodynamics and control technologies) - WLB2

Job no: 497909
Department: Engineering
Contract type: Contract
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Key Responsibilities:

We are looking for suitable candidates to develop aerodynamics and control technologies for drone applications. You shall be required to perform research into the different types of aerodynamic configuration and perform quantitative assessment. High fidelity models of the selected aerodynamic configuration shall be developed as part of your work scope. You will use these models to develop the flight control strategies that performs the stability and robust control of the selected aerodynamic configuration. You will use flight modeling and simulation tools to perform tests on the candidates designs and perform trade-off as well as evaluation of the different designs. You should have deep knowledge of aerodynamics and control systems, possess an aptitude in aerospace engineering and experience in designing control systems for flight vehicles.

Your responsibilities shall include:
• Conduct research to determine the parameters for aerodynamic configuration and control design
• Develop metrics to evaluate the different aerodynamic configurations
• Determine the key parameters needed to size up control requirements for specific application.
• Develop high fidelity models of the aerodynamic and control designs.
• Design and develop prototypes and work on necessary components
• Perform integration tests and quality control
• Evaluate and improve design based on tests and experiment data
• Create complete documentation for aerodynamic and control systems
• Troubleshoot defects in the design
• Keep abreast of advancements in aerospace and relevant fields

If you also have a great deal of resourcefulness and a vision about what your machines can do, we would like to meet you. Candidates with good bachelor’s degree and postgraduate degree may apply for this position.

Job Requirements:

• Well-versed in aerodynamic and control, applied mathematics, and systems
• Excellent knowledge of control modeling and simulation software
• Ability to develop and evaluate integrated systems
• An analytical mind
• Resourcefulness
• Outstanding communication skills
• Good bachelor’s degree or post graduate degree in Engineering
• Prior industry experience helpful but not necessary for applicant with Capstone or final year projects in control.



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